“Balloon Boy: The Musical is a hilariously irreverent musical satire exploring modern day America’s culture of reality TV and celebrity worship. It not only parodies pop-culture but also the traditions of musical-theatre that the show itself is structured around.”
— Young Playwrights Inc.

“However, the real star of Balloon Boy is Billy Recce and his incredibly intelligent and successfully comedic writing. Written by seventeen year old Billy Recce who began writing the play at 11 years old after being emotionally stirred by the real-life balloon boy incident in Fort Collins, this play never failed to ensue a laugh in the audience. From beginning to end, electrifying and hilarious dialogue is exchanged between each character, and a dull moment never strikes; Recce is an imaginative, charismatic writer who provides this production with a nimble, fiery pulse.”
A Review of Balloon Boy: The Musical’s National Premiere


June 2014
Pieces on Balloon Boy: The Musical’s Winning of 2014 Thespian Musicalworks

October 2014
Shout-outs for Balloon Boy: The Musical’s National Premiere

Video Pieces and Articles on Monarch High School’s Production of Balloon Boy: The Musical